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Throughout my 25 years in the nonprofit sector, there was one common thread that gripped me, and kept me motivated and inspired towards action: women’s stories.

Laura Baran and Bianca Selket

Whether is was sitting and listening to the women I served in the homeless shelter, in the ER, at Visible Men Academy, or hearing the stories of the physicians, teachers and philanthropists in the community, I’ve always been fascinated by the power of women’s stories. Stories are the communal currency of humanity. Every single person has a story that matters.

My journey has inspired me to broaden my exploration of how diverse women are seen and heard across all sectors. How women’s stories are shared and showcased, or ignored, buried and dismissed matters deeply. These visible or invisible stories matter, because they correlate directly to a woman’s access to opportunities for herself, her career, her family and her community. They matter because they can contribute to, or injure a woman’s sense of self. I’m convinced that amplifying diverse women’s voices and bringing visibility to their stories is one of the many solutions we must employ to achieve true gender equity.

Natural Contempt, by Bianca Selket

In November, I launched our first two Voice & Visibility: Investing in Women Salon Series events, and they have been spectacular!

The Voice & Visibility: Investing in Women Salon Series gathers multicultural women and delivers intimate events in beautified spaces. Guests are surrounded by art, featured speakers, exceptional women, and of course some fine wine! In addition to networking and conversation, I share my Investing in Women call to action talk. Tarnisha Cliatt, the CEO of Manasota Black Chamber of Commerce was our recent Voice & Visibility guest speaker on 11/28. Tarnisha shared her inspirational journey through motherhood, education, entrepreneurship and now as a CEO of MBCC, and she did it all in an enviable power gold pencil skirt 😉


Voice & Visibility Salon Series: Investing in Women Launch

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As I had hoped, the events are serving as catalysts for some really meaningful collaborations, business prospects, investor and scholarship opportunities, art commissions, and new professional and personal relationships. It really is magical to share space with one another. Women with different backgrounds, opinions, and lifestyles can all agree on one thing: the ROI of Investing in Women is a winning strategy (and yours truly is a data geek that has lots of studies and numbers to back it up!). The Sarasota/Manatee region is a beautiful, evolving community experiencing significant growth. It’s my privilege to present the Voice & Visibility Salon Series to:

Empower Women
Expand Networks & Opportunities
Elevate the Voices of Diverse Women

Don’t forget the very first step in investing in others, is investing in ourselves!

Enjoy this video clip from our launch:

And this piece from our media sponsor SRQ Magazine

“When the storyteller tells the truth, she reminds us that human beings are more alike than unalike. A story is what it’s like to be a human being-to be knocked down and to miraculously arise. Each one of us has arisen, awakened. We do rise.” Maya Angelou

Thank you to all our Voice & Visibility Guests & Sponsors.



Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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