ELEVATION SUCCESS! Thank you to our fierce VVWS speakers, sponsors and the community that joined us at the Inaugural Voice + Visibility Women’s Summit.

The event surpassed our Elevation Expectations!

You were never little red riding hood, you were always the Wolf. Abby Wambach

There is no true empowerment until you have your own money. Nely Galán


Today, I want us to tell better stories. I want us to start telling the stories of women of color who have been affecting change despite having little to no resources. Aisha Nyandoro in Race, Gender, Philanthropy conversation with John Annis


The things that make us weird, are the very things that make us memorable. Natasha Chen


Make positive affirmations part of your daily routine, your words have power. Ingrid Harb


Our bold keynotes activated us, the talented performances of Sarasota Contemporary Dance + Ariel Blue of the WestCoast Black Theatre Troupe moved us, and we are on fire!


Check out these photos from Photographers Cliff Roles & Karen Arango

Watch This VVWS Highlight Video

Enjoy these photos from our Sponsor Reception captured by Daniel Perales 


Thank you to our community of sponsors that said YES to investing in bold, diverse, female leadership!

As I shared from the podium, VVWS is about truth-telling. It’s about changing the game for women and leveling the playing field. It’s time for leaders across all sectors to step into our power and purpose. It’s 2020, let’s tell our stories, and a collective new story about bold, diverse, female leadership…..together!

Eleni Marinucci, Natasha Chen, Jamie Elias, Rachel Wei West

Here’s to Progress!


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