The VIBE: June Newsletter

Greetings Friends, The current conditions in our country demonstrate that 2020 must be a call towards transformational change. Women will be at the helm of this monumental change in America. [...]

Net Worth, Self Worth, Impact!

Voice + Visibility Women’s Summit Series Featured Speaker, Rachel Wei West A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.                  Lao Tzu Rachel Wei West captivated our [...]

From Start Up to Lift Off

Happy Summer All! I love the change of seasons, and I love all that summer represents in my world: family time, rejuvenation, beaches, and lots of Maine Lobster! I hope each of you enjoy this [...]

Superwomen Voices: Tomeika Hunter Koski

    If you are Tomeika Hunter Koski, you choose Happy, you choose family and close friends, and you choose to use your VOICE to change the lives of others in need. Tomeika entranced our 7th and [...]

Voice & Visibility Launch!

Happy Holidays Friends, Throughout my 25 years in the nonprofit sector, there was one common thread that gripped me, and kept me motivated and inspired towards action: women’s stories. Whether is [...]