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  • "This was so good...you guys are so professional and amazing...now I want more..another extended class...Keep up the good work. I hope you guys have extended updates and seminars on this topic....so much to learn."

  • "I would love to take another course of this nature when it is safe to gather in person."

  • "I loved it. It was very informative and a safe space."

  • "I thought it was fantastic! I think a lot of people need to see/participate in this workshop. I hope you all continue to spread awareness! Thank you so much"

  • "THANK YOU!!!! have been thinking about the course all day and have discussed it multiple times throughout the day and night. We watched 13th tonight and Then continued our discussion. We had intended to watch prior but after the course I made it a priority. That alone demonstrates the value of my experience. I have been thinking, reading, discussing over the last few weeks and the workbook, material, And your presentation have given me concise, concrete information so I can continue to learn, listen And go deeper."

  • "Great job - just the right level of info.! I'm just beginning this journey and with this course, I now feel better equipped to go further down this path."

  • "Excellent session! I loved the focus on introspection and heart-centered action."

  • "You are an incredible leader - I feel so lucky to learn from someone with your heart, spirit, and knowledge."

  • "This class was truly what I was looking for in the given climate. I learned excellent strategies that I will be able to implement in my work daily. I cannot recommend this class enough! Thank you."

  • "This workshop afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn and reflect upon my own experience and how I can do my work better. I particularly found value in the tools that helped me understand the different forms of racism. The sample dialogue for difficult conversations were invaluable. I would recommend this class for anyone. Thank you!"

    Susie Bowie Executive Director, Manatee Community Foundation
  • "I was offered an internship at SRP, LLC. by the Founder of the company some time in January of 2019. I immediately said yes to Shannon when she explained to me what I would be helloing with. I took part in a series of networking events in preparation for the Voice and Visibility Women's Summit the following year. During these events, I was able to meet amazing women who had not only used business strategies to become self-made women and entrepreneur, bur also to better our community. My role as an intern included checking guests in, collecting payments, manning the Burns Court Art Gallery, and constantly advertising the efforts of the company on my own social media. I had to work with a variety of people to fulfill my responsibilities, including videographers, photographers, and local artist featured at the Gallery. Through those first Voice and Visibility luncheons and events, I learned that empowered women empower women. In retrospect, I can say that I became a Feminist because of my involvement in this company. This CAS experience not only bettered out community by inspiring women to become strong and smart and independent, but it also bettered my own opinion of myself as a young woman."

    Vanessa Tasé Sueiro, SRP LLC Intern 2019 SRP, LLC Intern
  • "When Far Away Friends was given the opportunity to attend the Voice & Visibility Women's Summit in February, we were over the moon! As a female run & founded nonprofit organization, we know the value of sharing stories & community with other women. We flew in to Sarasota from Denver specifically for this event and were blown away by not only the networking opportunities & connections we made, but by the speakers & panels as well. Shannon Rohrer-Phillips is a powerhouse, and her team has created a space where we can connect, collaborate and uplift one another. Looking forward to getting back to SRQ for next year's event!"

    Jayme Ward, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Far Away Friends Global Nonprofit Partner
  • "I've had emails from literally everyone at my table, you've opened up a whole new market for us via the connections we made at the Summit. Total home run."

    Betsy O'Reilly, CEO Quad Jobs VVWS Corporate Sponsor
  • "So inspired by the women with purpose and influence at the Inaugural VVWS. What a momentous start to 2020, a new decade ahead, and a collective new story about bold, diverse, female leadership across all sectors..together."

    Rachel Wei West, Executive Advisor/Investor VVWS Salon Speaker
  • "Ambiance, energy, message, and attendance was great. I met so many people but also connected with old friends and colleagues and there was nothing but positive and empowering conversations and energy."

    Elizabeth Topp, Owner Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency Pinellas-Sarasota VVWS Vendor and Sponsor
  • I am so thankful for Shannon’s Voice & Visibility January event. I had the opportunity to share my personal story as a featured speaker, which became my entry point into her powerful tribe of women. It is a rare experience to speak to a dynamic, loving, and encouraging group of women, who have a similar heart for impacting community and leadership, but that is exactly what I had the honor to do in an intimate studio in Burns Court, surrounded by a beautiful Art Exhibit. In my role as Founder/Artistic Director of Sarasota Contemporary Dance, it can feel lonely at times, especially because most of our local performing arts organization directors are males. Shannon is a community catalyst and has opened my eyes to other female "movers and shakers" in the community, who may not be in the performing arts business, but who appreciate the richness of our multi-cultural community, and who are excited to learn more about SCD and what I do. Shannon and her team are warm and welcoming and are redefining and recreating an environment that allows for women to network but also engage in real conversations that can lead to lasting friendships.

    Leymis Bolaños Wilmott Artistic Director, Sarasota Contemporary Dance
  • From the walk up the steps through the entrance, there’s a special vibe in this space. Relax. Exhale here.  Loved everything about the Voice & Visibility Salon - best of all, the people.  The energy, optimism and hope in the room was palpable.
    Vickie Oldham
  • I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing! Your heart and passion are MEANT to be here in this community! I was so encouraged by the Voice and Visibility Salon Talk! The energy was palpable. What an extraordinary group of women! Thank you for allowing me to accompany Vickie for such an uplifting and empowering event! I look forward to partnering more in the future.

    Alysia Crawford Newtown Alive
  • Shannon’s leadership in the non profit sector is trailblazing. She has provided opportunities, access and hope to thousands through her work as an education reformer and advocate for women, children and families. Shannon’s experience in urban social work, philanthropy, and health care always embraces a positive gender and racial equity lens. Her ability to connect diverse networks of high privilege and high poverty individuals and organizations for a common goal is unique, and desperately needed. Shannon is a truth teller who uses her personal narrative, humor, and experience to inspire stakeholders who are committed to positive social change. I know she will bring her talent and SHINE to any client, project or initiative she sets her mind to.  Learn More

    Tuti Scott Chief Inspiration Officer
  • Shannon is a pioneering and passionate social entrepreneur. I had the privilege of serving as strategic counsel for Shannon for over 11 years as she and her husband, Neil Phillips created Visible Men and Visible Men Academy. Shannon's ability to deliver social change is due in equal part to her, relentless work ethic, sophisticated business savvy, and strong community engagement skills. She will be an asset to any organization that seeks true social impact. Learn More

    Shannon Nash Principal Nash Mgt Group
  • I've had the privilege of working with Shannon through my work with VeraCruz Advisory and she is one of a kind. Her communication skills, depth of knowledge of non profit operations, and visionary entrepreneurial thinking is only outmatched by her warm and generous heart. Any group will be lucky to partner with Shannon. Learn More

    Carlos DeQuesada


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